UK Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab Doesn't Seem To Know What 'Misogyny' Means

Dominic Raab, the U.K.’s deputy prime minister and justice secretary, totally botched the meaning of “misogyny” in a BBC “Breakfast” interview on Wednesday.
“Misogyny is absolutely wrong, whether it’s a man against a woman or a woman against a man,” Raab said. (Watch a longer clip of the interview below.)
Host Sally Nugent noted that the definition of misogyny was “hatred against, directed towards, women” and repeated his statement.
“Is that what you meant to say?” she asked.
But Raab seemed oblivious.
The politician was initially asked for his opinion on PM Boris Johnson’s comments that misogyny should not be a hate crime. Debate over women’s safety in the U.K. has intensified after a police officer last week was sentenced to life for the kidnapping, rape and killing of Sarah Everard.
Raab has previously called feminists “obnoxious bigots” and said men “from the cradle to the grave” are “getting a raw deal,” The Guardian noted.
Justice Secretary Dominic Raab MP was asked on #BBCBreakfast whether he believed misogyny should be treated as a hate crime. He said “misogyny is absolutely wrong whether it’s a man against a woman, or a woman against a man”— BBC Breakfast (@BBCBreakfast) October 6, 2021

Twitter gave him a lashing.

How is this man allowed out unattended??— Lindsay Thompson 💙 (@lindsayray73) October 6, 2021

Misogyny is never far away. He thinks it’s in Northern France.— Dave Marchant (@Marchad1) October 6, 2021

Dear Santa this year @DominicRaab would like a dictionary and a thesaurus. I’m aware he’s on your naughty list but could we please make an exemption on this occasion— fiona-💙 (@fionamcgregor8) October 6, 2021

This is one of the people running the UK. Anything else you need to know ?— Peter Chave #StarmerOut #IStandWithAlexeiSayle (@PeterChave3) October 6, 2021

I think he quickly scuttled off to look up the meaning of misogyny, he hadn’t learnt that despite going to Oxford and Cambridge #dominicraab— Paul Evans (@Evo1009) October 6, 2021

It’s always nice when those who run our country have a basic understanding of words and their meaning….— Frank (@happychappy76) October 6, 2021

He thinks misogyny is a type of wood.— Jane Smith (@wordsmithsuk) October 6, 2021

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