'SNL's' 'Frances Haugen' Shows Up Congress As Possibly Even Worse Than Facebook

In “Saturday Night Live’s” cold open version of the congressional hearing earlier in the week on Facebook — featuring whistleblower Frances Haugen (Heidi Gardner) — it was hard to tell who was worse: Facebook or the lawmakers.Cecily Strong’s Nancy Pelosi vowed to crack down on Facebook — after a laundry list of all those other things the Democrats have to accomplish first. Then she asked “Haugen” if her 2,000 Facebook friends was a “good” number.Louisiana GOP Sen. John Kennedy (Kyle Mooney) wanted to know what an “algorithm” was, “do you have it with you?” …. and “how big is this algorithm?” as he moved his hands farther and farther apart.“Just stop,” said a disgusted Gardner.Aidy Bryant’s Ted Cruz wondered how to shut down “toxic extremist” groups like “Ted Cruz sucks.”That, said “Haugen,” “isn’t really misinformation.”Sen. Lindsay Graham (James Austen Johnson) asked: “When you open an incognito page on Google, does that prevent God from seeing what you’re doing?”The clueless lawmakers also had scads of questions about the meaning of various memes (or as “Cruz” called them, “meh-mehs”). Cruz also asked if the “dark web is the same as Black Twitter.”Finally, up popped Pete Davidson, playing “OG social media king” Tom Anderson, co-founder of My Space. “Remember me?” he asked. “I was harmless.”Check out the video up top.

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