Police Are Searching For Missing Fitness Influencer Ca'Shawn 'Cookie' Sims

Police began a search this week for missing fitness influencer Ca’Shawn Sims, a 30-year-old woman who disappeared from her Los Angeles County home nearly a month ago. Sims, who goes by “Cookie” and has more than 200,000 followers on her fitness Instagram page, has not been seen since early September. Her sisters have amplified her disappearance on social media, saying no one in their family has been able to get in touch with her for weeks. “I never thought there’d come a day of me posting a missing flyer for my sister,” Ca’rynn Sims wrote on Instagram.“She has abandoned her home, her dog and seemingly her phone which is unlike her,” she said. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department began investigating Sims’ disappearance earlier this week. The last reported sighting of her was in her home city of Duarte on Sept. 8. But Sims’ sister later shared that she had confirmation Sims was in Pasadena from Sept. 11-12 and sought medical attention there.“She went to a hospital on both days with complaints of shortness of breath and was released from hospital care both nights,” Ca’rynn Sims wrote, saying the family is still searching for her sister. Sims’ other sister, Chris’tol Sims, said their missing sister liked spending time alone but that going this long without hearing from her was unusual. “Although my sister is a very independent person and enjoys her solitude, family close and distant have not been able to get in touch with her for too long and it is concerning,” she wrote on Instagram. Sims’ sisters are pleading with people across the country to look out for her, saying it’s possible she left the Los Angeles area. Sims is Black, 5’1” and 120 pounds. She has shoulder-length black hair, brown eyes and several tattoos, including one on her left collarbone reading “It’s found in the soul,” one on her left forearm reading “Earth” and one in Spanish on her back.Anyone with information about Sims is urged to contact the sheriff’s department’s missing persons unit at 323-890-5500 or to make an anonymous tip by calling Crime Stoppers at 800-222-TIPS.

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