A fireworks factory in San Raymundo, Guatemala has exploded, inflicting two people with severe burns as others fled the blast scene. Footage posted to social media shows a massive white-gray plume of smoke over the town.

Two people have reportedly suffered severe burns during the explosion at the fireworks plant in the Sacsuy village between San Juan Sacatepequez and San Raymundo on Thursday, local media reported.RECIENTE: VIDEO DE LA EXPLOSIÓN:Vea estas imágenes de como se registra la explosión de la cohetería, entre Los Cux, San Juan Sacatepéquez y Llanos de la Virgen, San Raymundo. pic.twitter.com/U4xP2wKLcJ— Vinicio Fuentes (@VinicioTVGT) October 14, 2021Footage purportedly taken from near the scene of the accident and shared online showed dark gray clouds spewing out of the factory before a bright red explosion. Other views show white smoke rising from the site.Así la columna de humo vista desde otras viviendas tras la explosión de una cohetería, entre Los Cux, San Juan Sacatepéquez y Llanos de la Virgen, San Raymundo. pic.twitter.com/gW2JBjoslT— Vinicio Fuentes (@VinicioTVGT) October 14, 2021Dos personas han resultado con quemaduras en el cuerpo durante una explosión en una fabrica clandestina de juegos pirotécnicos en aldea Sacsuy ruta que comunica San Juan Sacatepéquez con San Raymundo. pic.twitter.com/L59MwdALnb— Radio SONORA 96.9 FM (@sonora969) October 14, 2021Emergency personnel can be seen hosing down the fire in several of the videos, and multiple ambulances were said to be at the scene. It is not yet clear what sparked the blast.Local firefighters posted an image from inside the factory on Twitter, revealing the charred and blackened interior.

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