0:39:12 Super Hworang (Heihachi) vs. Meo-IL (Geese)
0:56:50 Eyemusician (Yoshimitsu) vs. Knee (Bryan)
1:08:15 Saint (Ganryu) vs. Jeondding (Julia)
1:26:56 Kero (Akuma) vs. Breadman (Leroy)
1:54:30 Infested (Fahkumram) vs. CherryBerryMango (Jin)
2:14:37 Chanel (Eliza) vs. JDCR (Armor King)
2:30:22 Breadman (Leroy) vs. Saint (Ganryu)
2:38:42 Knee (Lidia) vs. Meo-IL (Geese)
3:03:16 Saint (Ganryu) vs. Chanel (Eliza)
3:19:03 CherryBerryMango (Jin) vs. Meo-IL (Geese)
3:32:23 Infested (Fahkumram) vs. JDCR (Armor King)
3:49:46 Saint (Ganryu) vs. CherryBerryMango (Noctis)
4:14:23 Saint (Ganryu) vs. Infested (Fahkumram)
4:32:22 JDCR (Armor King) vs. Saint (Ganryu)

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