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North Korea released a video of their first-ever test launch of a ballistic missile from a modified rail car, and the result is sure to dazzle steampunk fans while simultaneously escalating geopolitical anxiety in an already taut region of the globe.

Based on an analysis by S2 Underground, the munition itself appears to be a nuclear-capable, short-range KN-23 solid state ballistic missile launched from a transporter-erector-launcher (TEL) that is ordinarily attached to some sort of wheeled ground transport vehicle.

While North Korea’s peacocking of armament isn’t anything new, the timing couldn’t be worse. China has all but announced it’s inevitable attempt to seize Taiwan and the US is now partnering with Australia to procure nuclear submarines. Additionally, Japan is holding its largest military exercise in almost 30 years. The Asia-Pacific region is looking like a poorly-stored powder keg in a dry spell.


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