Hello Flearners, Nikita is back! And did you know? Till today, 33,600 North Koreans fled North Korea and took refuge in South Korea. But, how is escaping from North Korea possible? As far as the world knows, North Korea and South Korea have the world’s most powerful and militarized borders. So how did these 33,600 North Koreans managed to escape the clutches of Kim Jon Un’s government? But alas, the same can’t be said for those North Korean refugees who took shelter in China! China never takes refugees in, they actually return the refugees back to their nation countries. So just imagine, what would Kim-Jon-Un do to these returned North Korean refugees? The supreme leader of North Korea makes sure, that nobody in North Korea have any sort of freedom. The strict rules made by Kim Jon Un, has to be followed by hook or by crook. There are no exceptions!! But many of the rules are so weird and so strange, that you’ll feel like banging your head. We are all very fortunate to be born in India, cause life in North Korea absolutely sucks! No kidding! To know what’s going on inside North Korea, in Kim Jon Un regime, stay tuned throughout the video and make yourself aware of the dire situation North Koreans are in!


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