You Won't Believe What Terry Bradshaw Does to Ask for More Grandkids on The Bradshaw Bunch - E! Online

A very devoted family man. 
Terry Bradshaw loves being a grandpa, and on tonight’s all-new episode of The Bradshaw Bunch, he’s determined to convince one of his daughters that there’s no better time than the present to grow her family. 
The daughter in question? Erin Bradshaw, who married her husband Scott in 2017. 
“Scott and Erin are gonna be great parents, but come on, where are we going here?” Terry tells The Bradshaw Bunch cameras in this sneak peek clip. “I’ve been hearing about having a baby now for a long time.”
Terry explains that he initially thought Scott was the problem, so naturally, he decided to “break it down for him in elementary terms.” In other words, the patriarch awkwardly asked his son-in-law if he was “up on babies and how to make them and stuff like that.”
Unfortunately, Scott thinks he’s talking about horses. 
“No no, human babies,” Terry clarified.
Back in the present, things are about to get even more awkward as Erin arrives for what she thinks is going to be a nice, normal lunch.

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