Why This Is the "Best Project Runway Season" Ever - E! Online

“This was one of the most impressive episodes or challenges that I’ve ever seen and it was the unconventional challenge,” Welteroth said. “What these designers were able to create out of straws and popcorn, it was unbelievable.” 
Siriano noted, “Some of it looked like couture. You could not tell that it was not made from the best quality fabrics. I think we were all really blown away by the ingenuity, by the creativity and just the sheer skill of some of these designers. It was truly mind-blowing.”
So, do any of these Project Runway designers have what it takes to be the next Christian Siriano? 
“The young generation feels a bit like no one’s on their side because the industry is really, really tough to build a brand in fashion. You’re competing with such massive, big houses and there’s so much money involved,” Siriano explained. “I think the young design-lovers are sitting in school or sitting at home, thinking, ‘Oh, how am I going to make it?’ So it’s really important that Project Runway really stays around, because I think that’s the goal.”

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