Tracing Diet Guru Gwen Shamblin's Rise and Fall as Told By HBO Max's The Way Down - E! Online

Elizabeth Shamblin-Hannah’s 5-Month-Old Son Dies:
The church members said they began turning on each other after Gwen’s daughter Elizabeth lost her 5-month-old son, Henley Shamblin-Hannah.
Graves said details about the infant’s death are sparse, admitting, “No one ever really acknowledged that he died. I mean, through word of mouth it kind of spread, but there wasn’t an official anything from Gwen.”
Rachel Phillips explained on The Way Down that things were kept private, because “the way that Remnant works when it comes to death is you don’t grieve, you move on.”
But Byrd suspected the death was kept under wraps, because the Shamblins preached that bad things happened to immoral people. “There is a concerted effort to sort of hide things so that you can keep that facade of ‘this is the most perfect place on earth’ and ‘this is God’s kingdom,'” she explained. “So, when Elizabeth lost a child, it wasn’t really talked about.”
As news spread, however, the members began to panic. Graves recalled, “Everyone was looking at themselves saying, ‘Was it me? Did I cause this?'”

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