Meet the Woman Behind Beautyblender's Iconic Pink Makeup Sponge - E! Online

However, creating one of the most well-known makeup tools had its obstacles.
“In the early days of Beautyblender, trying to get vendors and people that I needed to help me make Beautyblender was difficult,” the CEO revealed. “An edgeless, teardrop egg-shaped sponge to the consumer was something completely brand new, but also to the vendors and manufacturers. You had to convince them that this was worth them spending time to help you figure out because I’m not a scientist, I’m not an engineer, I’m a makeup artist.”
“Being a woman was an obstacle in some ways. If you talk about 20 years ago, especially in manufacturing and the beauty industry, a lot of the executives and people that were making decisions were men. I was a makeup artist working in the trenches, so I didn’t necessarily have the background that they would deem valuable like I didn’t go to business school. I had to do a lot of convincing. Being a woman of color, there wasn’t someone to align myself with. Fortunately, I think we’re in a better place these days.”

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