Is Josh Altman's Latest $8.75 Million Listing "Haunted" or Just Sabotaged? Watch - E! Online

It’s the start of spooky season, but that might not bode well for real estate sales!
During an exclusive sneak peek at tomorrow’s Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, airing Thursday, Oct. 7. on Bravo, agent Josh Altman has to reassure potential buyers that a $8.75 million home is in fact not haunted. 
“The people that bought it, love it,” Josh says to fellow agent Maggie. “But they’re looking for a bigger place.” 
However, the owners’ three adolescent daughters don’t want to go anywhere—and they sneakily make their presence known during Josh’s open house. From “Do Not Enter” posters to “Infested With Rats” warnings, the girls clutter the 10,200 sq. ft. home with reasons to not buy it. 
As a client points to a seemingly-broken machine in the kitchen, Josh states, “If it was broken, it would be fixed.”
In fact, the property is only two years old, and the new construction build shouldn’t have any problems…that is, other than its current occupants. 

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