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(CNN)The 18-year-old White antheral suspected of carrying retired a racist wide shooting Saturday successful a Buffalo, New York, supermarket was indicted by a expansive assemblage connected Wednesday, according to an affidavit from Erie County Assistant District Attorney Gary Hackbush.

The Erie County Grand Jury voted for an indictment against defendant Payton Gendron, "with respect to the felony ailment filed connected oregon astir May 14, 2022," the affidavit states. The expansive assemblage probe has not yet been completed, Erie County DA John Flynn said successful a statement.

Gendron, of Conklin, New York, antecedently pleaded not blameworthy to a complaint of first-degree murder, and different charges are expected. The complaint of first-degree execution covers 2 oregon much murders successful Buffalo, a spokesperson for the DA's bureau told CNN.

The indictment was announced Thursday during a little tribunal quality for Gendron, who was ordered to stay held without bail until further enactment from a expansive jury. He wore an orangish jumpsuit and a achromatic look disguise and was handcuffed and shackled arsenic helium walked into the courtroom flanked by officers.

His adjacent tribunal quality is scheduled for June 9. Defense lawyer Brian Parker had nary comment.

As Gendron was led distant pursuing his tribunal appearance, idiosyncratic successful the packed courtroom yelled, "Payton, you're a coward!"

Payton Gendron, the Buffalo shooting suspect, appears successful  tribunal  connected  Thursday.

Gendron is accused of driving from astir 200 miles distant to termination 10 radical and coiled 3 others successful a shooting that took purpose astatine a Tops supermarket successful a predominantly Black neighborhood. The FBI has completed its transgression country probe astatine the supermarket, metropolis officials told CNN connected Thursday.

Authorities are investigating the shooting arsenic a hatred transgression and an enactment of racially motivated convulsive extremism. Of the 13 victims shot, 11 were Black.

In online posts by Gendron connected the chat app Discord and successful a 180-page papers investigators judge helium wrote, helium described himself arsenic a White supremacist, fascist and anti-Semite. He wrote helium targeted the Buffalo supermarket due to the fact that it had the highest attraction of Black radical successful upstate New York and said helium subscribed to "replacement theory," a conspiracy mentation that claims a cabal of elites are trying to regenerate White radical with non-White immigrants.

What we cognize  astir  Buffalo supermarket shooting fishy  Payton Gendron

The suspect's social media posts person go cardinal to the probe due to the fact that they connection details astir however helium planned his onslaught and his motives.

In posts archetypal shared connected Discord, past much wide connected the hate-filled online forum 4Chan, Gendron said helium visited the market store aggregate times connected March 8 to larn its layout. He noted however galore Black and White radical shopped during his visits and drew a representation of the store's interior, according to his posts.

The fishy besides livestreamed the shooting connected the website Twitch. The institution said it took down the video wrong minutes, but social media companies were struggling to incorporate its spread.

Officials digging into reddish emblem laws, societal media sites

While the fishy is down bars, New York officials person called for further introspection of however helium was capable to get guns and however helium communicated his plans online.

In June, Gendron showed a informing motion of imaginable unit erstwhile helium made a schoolhouse task astir murder-suicides erstwhile helium was a pupil astatine Susquehanna Valley Central High School successful Conklin, New York, officials said.

Police were called to the school, and helium was taken for a intelligence wellness valuation and aboriginal released. At the time, constabulary didn't question a "red flag" bid of extortion against Gendron.

The reddish emblem law, besides known arsenic the Extreme Risk Protection Order law, is designed to forestall anyone who shows signs of being a menace to themselves oregon others from purchasing a firearm, New York's website states.

New York Attorney General to analyse   societal  media platforms aft  Buffalo shooting

But due to the fact that the valuation was not an involuntary commitment, it did not forestall the suspected shooter from purchasing oregon possessing a weapon nether national law, said New York State Police spokesperson Beau Duffy.

Since the shooting, Gov. Kathy Hochul has projected a weapon laws package, arsenic good arsenic different changes to instrumentality enforcement protocol erstwhile a idiosyncratic shows they whitethorn beryllium harmful to themselves oregon others.

On Wednesday, Hochul said she would motion an enforcement bid requiring authorities constabulary to record an "extreme hazard bid of protection" nether the reddish emblem instrumentality erstwhile they judge that an idiosyncratic is simply a menace to himself, herself oregon others.

The weapon laws bundle would purpose to adjacent loopholes astir circumstantial types of guns that autumn extracurricular existent regulations, including high-powered, concealable guns and those that tin beryllium modified to clasp high-capacity magazines, she said.

The projected authorities would remedy "just 1 of those tremendous loopholes that you tin thrust a motortruck through," she said.

In addition, New York Attorney General Letitia James launched an investigation into the societal media platforms allegedly utilized by the suspect.

The probe, disclosed Wednesday by James' office, focuses connected Twitch, Discord and the websites 4chan and 8chan (now known arsenic 8kun). Other arsenic yet unnamed companies could besides beryllium drawn into the investigation, James said.

The probe is expected to absorption connected companies that "the Buffalo shooter utilized to plan, promote, and watercourse his panic attack," James announced successful a tweet.

CNN's Kimberly Berryman, Aya Elamroussi, Shimon Prokupecz, Liam Reilly and Kristina Sgueglia contributed to this report.

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