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(CNN)The House prime committee investigating the January 6 insurrection said Thursday it has grounds that GOP Rep. Barry Loudermilk led a circuit of the US Capitol analyzable the time earlier pro-Trump rioters stormed the building, according to a missive requesting the Republican lawmaker's voluntary practice with their ongoing probe.

The missive notes the committee has reviewed grounds that "directly contradicts" erstwhile claims by Republican lawmakers who said information footage from the days earlier January 6 shows "[t]here were nary tours, nary ample groups, nary 1 with MAGA hats on" of the US Capitol complex.

The committee is present looking for much accusation from Loudermilk astir the intent of the circuit helium led of the Capitol analyzable connected January 5, 2021, and its participants.

    "Based connected our reappraisal of grounds successful the Select Committee's possession, we judge you person accusation regarding a circuit you led done parts of the Capitol analyzable connected January 5, 2021," Chairman Bennie Thompson, a Democrat from Mississippi, and Vice Chairwoman Liz Cheney, a Republican from Wyoming, wrote successful the letter.

      "The foregoing accusation raises questions to which the Select Committee indispensable question answers. Public reporting and witnesser accounts bespeak immoderate individuals and groups engaged successful efforts to stitchery accusation astir the layout of the U.S. Capitol, arsenic good arsenic the House and Senate bureau buildings, successful beforehand of January 6, 2021," they added.

      Loudermilk and GOP Rep. Rodney Davis, the apical Republican connected the House Administration Committee, issued a associated connection aboriginal Thursday responding to the committee's missive again pushing backmost connected immoderate allegation of "reconnaissance" tours connected January 5 and calling for Capitol Police to merchandise the footage.

      "A constituent household with young children gathering with their Member of Congress successful the House Office Buildings is not a suspicious radical oregon 'reconnaissance tour.' The household ne'er entered the Capitol building," they wrote.

        The missive comes much than a twelvemonth aft immoderate House Democrats accused Republicans of providing tours successful the days starring up to January 6 to individuals who aboriginal stormed the Capitol.

        Rep. Mikie Sherrill, a Democrat from New Jersey, accused Republicans successful the days aft the insurrection of providing tours to radical who past utilized the accusation they learned from their sojourn astir the complex's layout to assistance successful their effort to interrupt the certification of the 2020 statesmanlike predetermination results. But Sherrill didn't sanction immoderate Republicans.

        Sherrill told a virtual municipality hallway connected January 12, 2021, that "members of Congress who had groups coming done the Capitol that I saw connected January 5th for reconnaissance for the adjacent day." The congresswoman ne'er provided circumstantial details oregon named which subordinate of Congress gave the tours -- adjacent aft wide disapproval from Republicans, demanding she supply grounds to backmost up her claim.

        Several Republican members denied providing immoderate specified tours, and it was Loudermilk who filed an morals ailment past twelvemonth against Sherrill and 33 different Democrats, accusing them of making allegations astir Republican-led reconnaissance tours without immoderate evidence.

        "A Member of Congress accusing different Member of committing a crime, without evidence, is morally reprehensible and a stain connected this institution," Loudermilk wrote successful the complaint. "No Republican Member of Congress led immoderate benignant of 'reconnaissance' tours done the Capitol, proven by information footage captured by the U.S. Capitol Police."

        "My Republican colleagues and I volition not beryllium by portion Democrats impeach their colleagues of treason for governmental gain. This benignant of behaviour indispensable not beryllium tolerated," helium wrote, urging the House Ethics Committee to "take speedy and decisive enactment to guarantee this ne'er happens again."

        A spokesperson for the House Ethics Committee declined to remark connected the presumption of the Loudermilk morals complaint.

        In February, Davis besides said a reappraisal of information footage from the Capitol analyzable anterior to January 6, 2021 "does not enactment these repeated Democrat accusations astir alleged 'reconnaissance' tours."

        "We person reviewed the information footage from the Capitol Complex during the applicable play preceding January 6, 2021, and we cognize it does not enactment these repeated Democrat accusations astir alleged 'reconnaissance' tours. Regrettably, the information has not stopped these Democrat allegations," Davis wrote astatine the time.

        While Democrats making the accusations person yet to supply further grounds to backmost up the claims, they person besides refused to backmost distant from the accusation.

        According the letter, the committee has obtained grounds that contradicts erstwhile GOP denials that immoderate tours took spot successful the days earlier January 6, 2021 -- raising questions astir the 1 fixed by Loudermilk and its purpose.

        Loudermilk has not been among the astir notable GOP lawmakers who person emerged arsenic imaginable witnesses successful the committee's ongoing probe.

        However, CNN antecedently reported that helium was among the Republican lawmakers who texted then-White House main of unit Mark Meadows connected January 6.

        "It's truly atrocious up present connected the hill. They person breached the Capitol," Loudermilk wrote to Meadows astatine the time.

        "POTUS is engaging," Meadows sent successful effect to Loudermilk.

          "Thanks. This doesn't assistance our cause," Loudermilk replied.

          This communicative has been updated with further developments Thursday.

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