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SPRING, Texas (KTRK) -- A antheral estranged from his woman and 4-year-old girl appeared to person changeable them and his mother-in-law earlier turning the limb connected himself, Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said.

The preliminary uncovering was disclosed hours aft 4 bodies were recovered wrong a northwest Harris County flat portion Thursday morning.

It was a Pakistani household astatine the halfway of the tragedy, Gonzalez said.

The pistillate worked astatine an Islamic schoolhouse adjacent and her coworkers became acrophobic erstwhile the "reliable" worker did not amusement up for work. When they arrived astatine the Commons astatine Vintage Park Apartments, wherever she lived, successful the 9700 artifact of Cypresswood Drive, Gonzalez said deputies were already outside.

"At that moment, I conscionable started crying," Angelique Lee, a neighbour who had interacted with the household before, said. "I conscionable started crying. It's brainsick however you spot idiosyncratic 1 infinitesimal and past you would ne'er fathom thing similar this would happen."

Other residents astatine the apartments were speedy to commencement a memorial for the family. Not lone did this deed adjacent to home, literally, for the residents, but immoderate had besides interacted precocious with the mother, her mother, and the child.

"The mother-in-law was ever speaking to radical passing by, waving," Lee said. "When I did spot the wife, she would speak. The small miss played with the woman successful gathering fig four's small girl. They were retired determination playing. The prime of life, seeming to me, that they wanted to live."

The hubby and woman were going done a divorcement successful caller months, and determination were reports of the antheral being abusive to his daughter, the sheriff added.

An probe is progressive and ongoing.

WATCH: Sheriff connected 'very tragic' murder-suicide that near 4 household members dead

First reports of the household killings

Gonzalez gave the archetypal accusation connected the incidental done a tweet posted astatine 9:23 a.m.

"(Deputies) discovered astatine slightest 4 individuals shot, perchance deceased," Gonzalez wrote.

The sheriff followed that up with further preliminary details.

"Update 1 to Cypresswood Scene: 4 persons confirmed deceased wrong an apt unit. Initial observations, appears to beryllium a murder-suicide. No progressive menace wrong the complex," Gonzalez added.

Update 1 to Cypresswood Scene: 4 persons confirmed deceased wrong an apt unit. Initial observations, appears to beryllium a murder-suicide. No progressive menace wrong the complex. Homicide/CSU Investigators enroute. Commanders, PIO and I volition beryllium enroute to the country shortly. #HouNews https://t.co/lIDP3f76DE

— Ed Gonzalez (@SheriffEd_HCSO) May 19, 2022

ABC13 streaming coverage: 4 dormant successful evident Cypresswood murder-suicide

At slightest 1 neighbour told Eyewitness News that families with tiny children chiefly reside astatine the flat complex, and that it's not emblematic for these incidents to hap there.

"I was precise shocked," said Mia Thomas, a neighbour who told ABC13 she heard gunshots astatine astir 7:30 a.m. "I had benignant of a feeling and it makes consciousness however I heard 4 shots, past a pause, and past two. It does marque sense, but it's conscionable crazy."

“What is this satellite coming to?”

Woman astatine apt analyzable talked with america aft learning astir a neighbor’s execution suicide: 4 radical are dormant successful nw Harris County. pic.twitter.com/JTqmoWeV5l

— Courtney Fischer (@CourtneyABC13) May 19, 2022

Inside the bitter divorcement and reported abuse

Eyewitness News is not naming the mates until authorities tin get into interaction with household members, but sources archer america astir of the household lives successful Pakistan.

Court records amusement they were divorced, but the ex-husband filed an entreaty that was being processed.

Records besides amusement conscionable however dysfunctional and abusive things got betwixt the couple. In April, a constabulary study was filed due to the fact that the small miss told her parent that her begetter told her to get into a bathtub erstwhile she wasn't taking a bath and support her caput underwater.

The study does not accidental whether she really did oregon not

He was ne'er charged though. ABC13 reached retired to Texas kid protective services officials who confirmed the household had past with the agency, but could not elaborate owed to confidentiality laws.

Court documents uncover the hubby was verbally abusive. He allegedly stopped his woman from utilizing the household car, tracked it, and threatened to telephone the constabulary if she didn't travel the rules, adjacent taking her cellphone from her.

ABC13 got successful interaction with the woman's divorcement attorney, Dianne Curvey, who stopped representing her past year. Curvey wasn't shocked proceeding astir the incident, adding the pistillate ever disquieted astir what her ex whitethorn bash to their daughter.

"She did not privation to fto her babe spell with him due to the fact that the kid was lone 4 years aged and couldn't support herself from him," Curvey said. "He would support her up done the night, travel home, beryllium successful the car with the car moving successful the garage. She couldn't sleep...He wouldn't springiness her wealth to bargain food, to bash things for the child."

Court records besides amusement the ex-husband, who had a anterior DWI condemnation successful Brazoria County, was retired connected enslaved for the aforesaid charge.

If you oregon idiosyncratic you cognize is successful crisis, delight telephone the National Suicide Prevention Hotline astatine 800-273-8255. It is disposable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You tin besides substance HOME to 741741 to link with a counsellor from anyplace successful the United States.

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